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Son's moving story

  son of United States residents training at children's Hospital in Cincinnati for three years ended in June 25, after interviewing was admitted to children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and three years of specialist training to be conducted.

to save money, decided to rent vans to drive by his son transport furniture and everyday things and pulling a small trailer cars towed his son, my assistant, responsible for the safety on the right; his wife drive their own cars carrying computers, afraid to touch items, and grandson and grandmother. To be safe, van in front, cars in the lane.

for faster loading, and will pack everything well in advance, afraid to touch furniture rental a blanket wrap, on tape, film wrapped outside; small packages uploaded into carton sealed with a newspaper. Hire moving companies two, finished 24th in only a three-hour evening.

based on the morning of 25th, evening in the middle of the night. 26th continues to run in the morning, arrived in Philadelphia at 10:30.

son moving smoothly is an important reason of a five-man United, work together, accountability, grandson of happy, don't make; older people stand the test of long distance; a son and daughter-in-law of fatigue, continuous fighting style.