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Before and after the move must know the rules

  before and after the move must not forget 4 rules

rules 1, God moved in advance

If there is God, advance moving into a worship and, when it comes to choosing an auspicious day and time leaning against the wall but not to Nanjing in place until you can move network time, in place to try to get after a long people sit on the bed.

rule 2, moving on to worship the ground the main

the most important thing we must never forget, it's moving day to worship the ground this afternoon, that is, every room in the House of God, and ask him to bless and not to disturb people who live here. Other ceremonies of worship and burn incense in accordance with different options, Dr Cheng sincerely hope that friends from the moving house-warming and good luck.

rule 3, moving night light

moving on all the lights inside the House should be open all the night until the next day, move networks makes Wang of Nanjing alive. If you pay attention to, then all the lights should be lit for three days and three nights available at Mong Kok effect.

rule 4, be sure to naofang after moving

remember there is a saying: move naofang not, trouble in the future. So friends within a week after the move must be naofang, that is sure to please friends and family and neighbors in the home of excitement: or talk or eat or entertainment, and, as lively as possible to exorcise.