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After moving into the new House's Feng Shui taboos

  more sophisticated and modern people believe in Feng Shui, especially moving, staying at new home has a lot of need to know Feng Shui taboos!

House Feng Shui, the best way according to the characteristics of the host tailor-made. But there are some general principles to be applied, is on home decorating, no taboo on making Feng Shui, otherwise it will stay uncomfortable, negative, and will have an adverse effect on the master. Following is the Feng Shui at home with 20 taboo, see if your Feng Shui layout enough?

1, getting started is the Seer kitchen and toilet, return home of all the House, entry will see the living room. Modern architectural design, sometimes in order to take into account the spatial configuration, a door are often the first to see the kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. This is taboo yangzhai, counterintuitive, living among them, Jia Yun will decline.

2, door to door, indulge in sexual intercourse bedroom door to door, or easy to lure residents indulge in sexual immorality of lust.

General residential 3, good luck in the living room in the middle of the room, living room or parlor located in right in the middle of the whole House, it is an image of a Gil, enables transport of prosperity.

4, irregular House shall not make irregular House used to do in the kitchen kitchen, will affect family health, irregular House is available only for storage purposes.

5, the bar top, emotional and health bar very sensitive to pressure in the bed, desk and table above, if unavoidable, also designed the ceiling to be blocked, otherwise it will affect the emotional and health career will also be blocked.

6, irregular House unfit for the bedroom irregular room used as the couple's master bedroom, otherwise it will lead to long marriages the consequence of infertility.

7, bed according to the mirror, it is difficult to sleep in addition to bed not being on the large outside mirrors, if there is a big mirror on both sides of the bed, will make people do not sleep well, causing insomnia, dream, and so on.

8, bedroom not arranged in an attractive bedroom colors to elegant warm, not too bright, not an attractive layout, excessive luxury, sparkling ornaments is especially inappropriate.

9, bathroom to bed, watch out for disease in the master bedroom, in addition to not being outside the bathroom, ominous, easily give rise to risk of serious disease.

10, Evergreen bonsai Li Jia Yun due to improved quality of life, in order to increase indoor greenery, Evergreen bonsai is a very good Interior Accessories, but be sure to select a Evergreen, Hardy, not easy to fade, deciduous plants.