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Getting ready for a move was very important

  what preparation is needed before moving to work? Such as how to organize, package goods, steps and considerations for moving. As we move things very much, some friends move in Hangzhou, has lived for years, turned out to have a truck many things, showing the difficulty of moving, so preparations must be done before the move.

household appliances:

computers: all documents in your computer floppy disk or zip file, with computer special box and protection materials installed, note that generates a magnetic field away from the television, stereo and other electrical appliances. Move will plug the refrigerator the day before, the defrost water, moving to a new house in position, please place 30 minutes after power on. 

TV: TV also first quilt binding States to protect on the screen; then tie tape the TV fixed.

printer: printer with original box packed, and pallets palette removed from laser or inkjet printer, then insert needle with a piece of paper inside the printer platen.

lamps: the lamp boxed and put some newspaper around the lamps in their fixed; no closed-box, enable the bearer to see after installing how microwave ovens, the oven, cut a hole so people can see the items in the food.

Audio: items such as towel wrapped boxes to protect fixed with adhesive tape magazine, host. 


Dresser: to give the bearer knows mirror, mirror with transparent foam cloth wrap, cosmetic paper bag put inside a plastic bag, respectively.   

painting classes: with a knife cut three strips in the paper bags on either side of the trace, all ads can be paper or handling on both sides of the picture placed in paper bags. Also put other stuff in the bag. 

cabinetry: first remove the drawer, and then fixed with tape all drawers good; remove items before putting it in cardboard boxes, very convenient to carry.   

bedside table: remove screws removed parts sealed in plastic bag, double sided carpet tape on the headboard down so as not to lose. Table made from thick paper four angle fixed with adhesive tape to protect the table, wrapped with cords of the tabletop to prevent damage. 

antiques: first into a wooden box or packaging in a safety way. Wooden box must be securely and avoid the easily damaged items. 

suitcase: pajamas and toiletries and other belongings into the luggage compartment, which is very convenient.

commodity class:

clothing: underwear bottom, dress, folded into boxes overlap, easy wet clothes, fur coats and other clothing can be placed on the tea box from moisture. 

quilts: from light to heavily overlap slowly, and then use the quilt from the top down to keep good, please never put breakable in the quilt. 

tableware: wrapped in newspapers from large to small overlap. Through the pot into a cross with a rope. Blade blade bread with thick cardboard, and then fixed with tape. First paper tableware such tableware overlapping wrapped tray level inside the carton, forks spoons 4-5 tied together well. Bottled separately mounted plastic bag, with newspapers rolled into cardboard boxes, cartons interval cross-strap, in crossing places on the knot. 

animal pet categories:

goldfish: put the fish into a large plastic bag, water and half of the air in the bag. Two insulated bag into the container. Within the larger fish can be placed in a closed bucket, and try to maintain a constant temperature.  

flowers, Bonsai: splash pots, potted first doused with plenty of water the day before, in order not to drain clay pots with a newspaper wrapped in a thick cardboard box, and gently cover paper cover can, if potted, branches tied to use wooden clubs to be fixed first, then put into cartons is better. 

bird: dehydration/cotton in the cage into the water, in order not to disturb the birds, covered with cloth and then gently remove.   

dogs and cats: when long-distance transport, animals may be vomiting due to motion sickness, so moving the night before and the morning trying not to move to feed. 

special items:

dangerous goods: either your own transportation or moving company, some items are embargoed, must deal with separate handling, dangerous goods include flammable, corrosive and explosive materials, such as paint, paint thinner, Nail Polish, nail polish remover, gasoline, motor oil, cleaning solvents, bleach, pest control agents. Contact me please say at 58 city to see, thank you.

books, magazines: book-cross up, turning the place with thick cardboard to protect. 

frozen food: these are only the day before the move needs sorting out, first with plastic wrap will wrap frozen foods, and then associate it with the dry ice in plastic box sealed with tape tightly. Record, CD, VCD, DVD and put it lower, dress, folded into boxes overlap, easy wet clothes, fur coats and other clothing can be placed on the tea box from moisture. Vase to vase wrapped with a towel, then put it in a cardboard box, large pieces of porcelain with an old bath towel wrap, don't forget on the top cartons marked "fragile items, handle with care" and so forth. 

all kinds of little things: jewelry, and other odd little thing can take advantage of moon cake box, as long as the tape can. 

valuables: cash, expensive jewelry, books and other valuables must be carried. 

Hangzhou moved among them, are mostly young people, how many young people tend to move is not very clear, good moving companies in Hangzhou at this time can also provide some observations and recommendations, if almost companies, won't talk to you, so suggest that we are moving in his own good work, I hope you move smoothly!